Housing & Independent Living 

Independent Housing

There are a variety of independent housing options in the La Crosse area.  If you are renting, you can also find affordable/limited income housing.  Use the La Crosse County Independent Housing Directory as a starting point for rental options. 

Adult Family Home

Adult Family Homes (AFH) are a type of assisted living facility that combines housing with services to help people remain as independent as possible.   Typically, only a few adults reside in a home and receive individualized care, treatment, or support services.  Some AFHs have the owner/licensee living on the premises and providing care to the residents.  Other AFHs are owned by an entity and provide shift staff. Find a directory of adult family homes in La Crosse County here

Subsidized Housing

For individuals with limited income, subsidized housing may be an option.  You can apply for subsidized housing through La Crosse Housing Authority (covers the city) or La Crosse County Housing Authority.